FAQ’sFrequently Asked Questions!!!

Why would I choose Blizzard Graphics?
Our clients choose us because we are reasonably priced, boutique style (limited clients) and we have very fast turnaround
times. If you chose an agency to deal with, you are more likely to be a number in their system and be charged at 30 minute
increments (no matter the change request) If it takes us 9 minutes to make a change, you only get charged for 9 minutes.

Who owns the copyright to the artwork once a project is completed?
Most agencies/designers retain the copyright of all designs they create.
At Blizzard Graphics we feel if the client has paid for the work, they retain the rights to their work (sounds logical)

Do you work to a budget? I am really short of cash at the moment
YES.  If finance is a problem, we can work out a design that will be simple and effective and take the
minimum amount of time so that you can save money on your design work. You can give us the details of your job as
well as the amount you are willing to pay and we will get back to you within the next business day to discuss with you
how we are going to achieve your goal!

How long will my design take to complete?
It depends. Some jobs are simpler than others and therefore take less time. Some applications are cheaper than others
and that is usually because they are less complicated to design and might take somewhere between a few hours or up
to one day to complete. You can get an estimate by requesting a quote, answering a few questions and providing a
description. That way we can give you a closer estimate for time needed for your graphic design job. Normally
turnaround on a smaller projects is 48 hours.

How do I know that I am being charged fairly for graphic design work?
At Blizzard Graphics we always charge you fairly for the design/print work that you purchase.
Our prices are calculated on how much time the job will take. We can either quote prior per job, or give you an
updated price per job revision. The benefit of being charged per revision is the fact we don’t take into account any
over quoted unseen challenges on the initial quote. Every revision has an up to date price included.

What is a Revision and how does it work?
A Revision is basically a change used by the client of a graphic designer to make a moderate to large alteration to one
of the elements of a project, or the direction of the project. Example: John has asked us to Design a Logo for his
business ‘Sanity Signs’. Up until this point he has wanted a double S as one of the main elements of the logo design, as
well as the words ‘Sanity Signs’.
At some point the client decides that they would like to have a symbol instead of wording. This is a change large enough
to be called a Revision. Not all changes will be regarded as revisions, such as making a font size one point smaller, etc.
It is considered to be a revision if it is large enough to add considerable time to the length of the project. We will let
you know during a project if a change you require is considered a Revision or just part of the normal Design Process.

We don’t live on the Sunshine Coast, can we still deal with Blizzard Graphics
Of course! Blizzard Graphics works with clients all over Australia. Contact takes place via phone, email and the
occasional trip to their office if feasible.

Do you provide printing services?
Yes, Blizzard Graphics have a long-standing relationship with several trade-only printers throughout Australia. We offer
high quality and affordable printing solutions for our clients to make sure your project runs smoothly and efficiently
right to the delivery of your printed material.
We cater from paper print (business cards, brochures, flyers etc) through to outdoor banners, adhesive vinyl, pull-up
banners and more. Please let us know your requirements and we can quote accordingly