A pull up banner is a highly effective and impactful way to announce your business, advertise your services, grow your brand or promote events. When it comes to designing large format products like pull up banners, you need to think very differently than you would if designing a leaflet or brochure. We’ve listed a few tips to help you design pull up banners that will be really effective and keep working for you again and again.

Put your logo at the top

Put your logo and any vital information at the top. Not only is it the first part people will notice but pull up banners are often located where obstructions such as tables, chairs or even people might obscure parts of the design, especially from a distance.

Use the Information Hierarchy

People read from top to bottom, left to right. That’s why your logo and main information must go at the top with bullet points, pics or additional info underneath that. Don’t be tempted to fill all available space with text. Your pull up banner’s job is to grab attention quickly, so draw people in with a great headline. A web address or easy to remember contact number can point people to further information.

Consider your design aesthetic

Your design aesthetic is the design style your brand follows. There are certain rules for effective design. Following these means your marketing will be easy on the eye and will get your message across clearly. However, your brand should find its own style and feel. A good design aesthetic enforces your brand across all your marketing.

Use only high quality images

Pull up banners are large products that make a big statement. Don’t allow your message or brand to be discredited by using poor quality images. Bland stock images will look just that. If you’re using a pic, get creative with something striking, unusual or humorous. Make sure any image used is 300dpi at artwork size. Low resolution images will look blurred and pixelated when they’re enlarged.

Clear typography

Your pull up banner might have only a few seconds to make an impact. People lose interest quickly so use clear typography and easy-to-read fonts. When designing pull up banners, keep it clear and keep it simple.

Make use of space

Don’t be afraid of space or feel you need to fill every gap with text, images or graphics. Some of the best designs use space or negative space very effectively, drawing the eye to the main message or call to action.