A logo should be something that is memorable and instantly recognisable. It needs to establish a connection with your customers and evoke some form of emotional feeling towards your brand. Your logo should always be something that works with all your promotional channels, from your website and business cards to presentation folders and branded vehicles. A logo needs to be instantly recognisable no matter where it is used.

If we think of some of the most recognisable logos around the world the thing that makes them work so well and be easy to recognise is their simplicity.

The colour and design of your logo will also influence how you design supporting promotional material. You will need to consider some of the following when designing any promotional material:

• Where to place your logo

• What size to make your logo

• What background colour to use with it

Your company logo will be one of the first things that a customer will recognise and it is also one of the first things that will draw the eye of a prospective customer. Your logo can be a very powerful branding tool and this is why so much thought often goes into the design process of the logo. A logo is used on almost every piece of branding or marketing material so it is easy to see why it becomes so powerful and almost becomes the identity of your company and your brand.

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If you think of an average day, you are probably faced with hundreds of logos. Just think of some of the daily tasks that put you face to face with numerous logos:

• Cleaning your teeth in the morning

• Getting into your car

• Buying a drink from a shop

• Turning on your computer

• Answering your phone

• Taking off your trainers at the end of the day

• Reading your daily paper

There are so many daily tasks we do that bring us face to face with a brands logo. In the ever busy day of consumers, it is important to make your logo stand out from the crowd. With consumers faced with so many different products and services from day to day, your logo is the one thing that can help prospective customers notice of you. It is something that will make you memorable to them.

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Perhaps the most powerful logo of all time is Coca Cola. When someone mentions the name Coca Cola, one of our first thoughts is the colours associated with Coke – red and white. It is also a logo that is used across many platforms without changing and one that works within the products of the brand – Coca Cola, Diet Coke and Coke Zero. It is also a logo that has been around for 125 years without any massive changes. This is a brand that really shows the power of a logo.

When it comes to deciding on your Printing marketing needs the challenge is to be sure you can incorporate your logo effectively. The logo is something that will have established trust with many customers and so should always be used in your marketing materials. Use your logo to continue building this connection and the relationship between your brand and your customers.