In today’s saturated marketplace it’s more important than ever to think of new and innovative ways to get your advertising and marketing noticed. One proven way to get your brand in front of prospective customers and make sure they want to find out more, is to grab their attention with Sticker Printing. Choosing the right type and best location is important, so here are a few suggestions to ensure your printed stickers stand out from the crowd and really stick in the memory.

Go large with self-adhesive vinyl

The range of sizes and styles available makes self-adhesive vinyl an adaptable and highly effective way of getting your message across. From shop windows and business walls to vehicle Graphic Design, a well-designed vinyl sticker will certainly get you noticed and really stick in the mind.


Depending on the size of your sticker, you might want to simply promote your branding and maybe your core message, or use your vinyl as part of a teaser campaign to pique interest. If you go larger you can give a bit more info on your product or service, but do remember to keep your design clean, professional and consistent with your corporate branding. Why not “go guerilla”?

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A guerilla sticker campaign is a great and proven way to grab everyone’s attention and push them to find out more. Stickers can be small enough to fit in a huge variety of places, making them great for an effective campaign with even a small budget. Think about your content. A clever slogan, teaser question or intriguing image will really attract interest. Including a web address or QR code encourages people to look you up and the range of locations you can use means you can target your prospective customers wherever they’re most likely to be.

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Seal your packaging – seal the deal!

Why not seal packages and envelopes with round, square or rectangular printed stickers? It’s a cost effective way of further promoting your brand alongside other elements of your overall marketing campaign. Your logo, marketing message, call to action or a simple greeting will grab attention before your clients and prospective customers even open their envelope or package! Printed stickers like this are a great way to label your product and you don’t have to change your packaging if it contains new products or promotions. Simply put the latest info on your sticker!

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how cost effective sticker Printing can be, so contact us for advice. See just how we can help get your message out to the people you want to see it.