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Banner stands, business cards and branding

Marketing comes in all shapes and sizes but fundamentally, it is the process of branding your marketing material that will determine how successful you are. Businesses relay on relate-ability; the idea that customers (both returning and potential) will recognise your brand from previous experience or exposure and relate to this. In today‚Äôs blog post, we…

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Are Business Cards Still Relevant?

In an age of all things digital, you could be forgiven for thinking that the business card has lost all relevance. Company websites and sites such as LinkedIn seem to do an effective job of gathering contact information not to mention that people are constantly connected through the use of their smartphones. But to think…

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5 Most Common Advertising Techniques

A successful advertisement creates a desire in viewers, listeners or readers. It also provides information on how to fulfill that desire and makes the potential customer feel good about doing so. With so many products and service providers in the marketplace, using a proven technique in your advertising increases the likelihood that your ad dollars…

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