In an age of all things digital, you could be forgiven for thinking that the business card has lost all relevance.

Company websites and sites such as LinkedIn seem to do an effective job of gathering contact information not to mention that people are constantly connected through the use of their smartphones.

But to think that the business card is no longer relevant would be wrong! In today’s business world, it’s important not to get lost in technology.

A business card stands the test of time and as part of your marketing plan, it’s an effective way to showcase your brand personality.

Easy and affordable: A business card offers an easy and affordable way to make a connection with customers and prospects when meeting in person. The physical exchange is something that can’t be achieved through your website or LinkedIn.

An effective way to showcase brand personality: A business card is so much more than your name and contact details. It is a visual and tactile representation of your brand that gets attention and helps your business stand out.

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When done correctly, a business card offers plenty of opportunity to grow your brand.

3 Tips For Effective Business Cards

  • Know your audience
    Think about your customers and prospects and ensure your business card relates to them. If you’re in the corporate world, for example, you will want a design, Printing material and finish that conveys your professional world
  • Remember brand consistency
    Your business card should follow your brand guidelines and match your website and all marketing collateral. Avoid at all costs any disconnect with other elements of your corporate image.
  • Keep it simple
    You don’t have to go over the top to effectively represent your brand. When it comes to the design of your business card, ask yourself whether it’s a good fit for your business.

Regardless of technology in our everyday lives, the business card adds that personal touch and is here to stay!