Just like baking a cake, building the perfect brochure takes time, persistence and of course, the perfect recipe. We are going to discuss the key ingredients to building a successful brochure, but as with every cookbook – it’s never just about the recipe! You need to have the skills, perception and that little something extra to make a real difference. Follow our guide and we’ll help you get there.

What you’ll need

1) Suitable Paper

Depending on your business requirement, you’ll need to select some kind of paper. This decision all depends on the product or service you are marketing. You may want to consider luxury paper if you are marketing something that is a higher end product/service.

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 2) High Definition Images

You may want to hire a photographer to come in and take professional images of your personal product or service. This adds a personal touch but you shouldn’t attempt to do this yourself, spend the money and get it done well. You can’t afford to cut corners to end up with a pixelated and cheapened brochure. We can also access stock images to match your needs and requirements.

3) Design expertise

You need a professional to design your brochure if you really want to make an impact. It’s just that simple. You’re expertise may lie in the knowledge of your product or service and you may have some ideas to relay, and that’s great. Liaise with us but trust us also that they know best when it comes to design.

4) Content

You are the person that knows the most about your business. However, that doesn’t mean you can create content that engages your customer around this knowledge.

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5) Call to action

Facebook, Twitter, QR codes… these are all things you can add to your brochure to provide plenty of information outside of the brochure. It’s another way to engage your audience and keep up to date with social media trends.

What’s next?

Now here comes the tricky part. You’ve made all the necessary decisions and created a brilliant brochure. Just like baking a cake, it’s no good just sitting there. You need to target the right people, find out who you’re most suitable target customer is and their location, and you will need to find out the most effective distribution method. If you intend to distribute your brochure door to door, we can organise leaflet drops for you.

If you’re thinking about Printing a brochure, or any other marketing material, feel free to contact us for advice on getting the best possible results from your digital printing.