Marketing comes in all shapes and sizes but fundamentally, it is the process of branding your marketing material that will determine how successful you are. Businesses relay on relate-ability; the idea that customers (both returning and potential) will recognise your brand from previous experience or exposure and relate to this. In today’s blog post, we look at branding in relation to your banner and your business card.

Banners, business cards and branding

Why do you need to brand your banner stand & business card?

Think about what you will use your banner stand for. For the most, it will be taken to an exhibition or trade show. This is an opportunity for a potential client to begin to get to know you and first impressions are vital. Your banner stand will act as a first impression and as people approach you, they’ll ask you questions and you’ll begin to engage. The next step? They will either want to know more information or not, but either way it’s almost guaranteed that you will exchange business cards – it’s only polite.

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Your business cards need to be a direct associates of your brand and of course your banner stand – as this was the point of reference for the person at the exhibition/tradefair or other industry event. Branding your business card in line with your banner stand and other marketing material means that you have created an identity that becomes recognisable.

Top tips for presenting your brand, Banner Design and business card

1. Your message

Your message will be difficult to present on a banner stand and business card because you have limited space. Heavy text should be avoided at all costs – the less text you us the better.  Instead use images and short, snappy sentences to deliver your message. In a business card, the only text necessary is your contact details.

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2. Quality

If you want to create a banner stand, business card or any other marketing material at a cheap price – then in many ways, you’d be better not to bother at all. All you will be doing is diminishing the quality of your brand and associated product or service. Print quality to ensure you are creating the right impression.

3. Creativity

The best brands are the creative ones. These are the brands that stand out, engage consumers and create a loyal following. Your banner stand, business card and all other marketing material offers you the opportunity to get creative, even if your brand guidelines are more traditional. You don’t have to change colour schemes or logos but you can get creative with shapes and sizes and start bringing your brand to live.