If you’re not using your packaging to promote your brand, you’re missing out on a great marketing opportunity. Printed stickers are an excellent, cost effective way to increase awareness of your brand and connect with your customers.

Why brand my packaging?

Using printed Stickers to seal or enhance packages, envelopes or bags not only increase awareness of your brand identity. It adds a personal touch and helps build loyalty and trust between you and your customer. It’s a great and hugely cost-effective way to make sure someone thinks of your business before they’ve even opened their package.

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How can sticker Printing help?

Whether simply sticking one on your outer packaging, sealing envelopes, or using a sticker to say “thank you”, you’ll find plenty of ways to further market your brand or business with printed stickers. It’s all part of the customer experience and helps turn first time customers into returning customers. Of course, you can also put business cards, compliment slips and other printed materials in with your package; you want to make it easy for customers to remember you and to spread the word. But why stop with the contents? Printed stickers allow you to use the packaging itself as part of your overall marketing.

What size can my sticker be?

There’s a great range of sizes and shapes available. From 25mm diameter round Design, right up to 1.5m wide. You can choose from floor stickers, wall stickers, re-positional stickers, and you can get them cut to any shape required. You can even choose a water resistant option. And remember, they can go anywhere, so left over stickers will never go to waste!

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What should I put on my sticker?

Anything you want, depending on the size. A smaller sticker might just display your logo or a strap line. A simple “Thank you” in your corporate style helps make a personal connection with your customer before they’ve even opened the package. You can include a web address or QR code too. For larger stickers you can include more contact information or basic info. But don’t cram it full of information or text. Short, snappy messages are best. Whatever shape or size you choose, remember that we print in full colour, which can make your sticker really stand out against any background. You’ll see plenty of ideas on our website, so why not have a look today and get creative?

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